One of my favorite new summer fads this year is painting rocks with the kiddos.  The fun part is hiding them at local shops and restaurants for others to find and re-hide. I am a self proclaimed rock dork already, always building cairns anywhere rocks can be found, so this is right up my alley.  It’s so neat to turn the rock over to see that someone has added a hashtag.  You can search for that hashtag on Instagram  and follow the journey of the rocks.  Too cool.

Painting Rocks Creek Indiana Crafts Art Outdoors Kids Blog Article

Supplies Needed to Paint Rocks

Basic Ingredient List:

  • Craft Paints (Americana is a good brand)
  • Assorted Paint Brushes
  • Cups for water
  • Paper towels
  • Paper plates
  • Clean space for drying
  • Smooth assorted creek rocks
  • Toothpicks

I knew that I wanted to take the kids to the creek in Indiana to find some nice, smooth rocks ready for painting during our recent trip. The little creek by my Aunt and Uncle’s house in Brownstown, Indiana had the perfect rocks for this low cost craft!  It also didn’t hurt that my Aunt has an entire craft store in her workshop, so we were set with paint and brushes.  We also used craft sticks and toothpicks to paint with.  You’ll also want cups of water and plenty of paper towels on hand, as well as paper plates to hold paint and a nice, clean drying spot (we used old cookie sheets).

Painting Rocks Summer Craft Project Outside Creek Stone Art Blog Article

“The fun part is hiding them at local shops and restaurants for others to find and re-hide.”

Painting Rocks Inspiration Boards

We searched for rocks and painted them on two separate days during our trip. Riley, our teenager, painted all of her rocks with a Disney theme. Hayden’s creations ranged anywhere from Pokemon to ladybugs to rainbows. I searched for ideas on Pinterest (such a great resource!) and even started a Painted Rocks Pinterest board.  Follow me here – Pinterest  . We had my Mom, my Aunt and my 3 cousins in on the fun too. We ended up with rocks painted like penguins, pizza, manatee, bumble bees, a Cheshire Cat, chickens, mushrooms, words and even a camper. The possibilities are endless with this cheap and easy craft.

Painted Rocks Summer Craft Project Art Creek Stones Blog Article

What Do You Think?

Comment below and tell me what summer crafts you’ve created with your kids and include a hashtag if you’ve painted rocks!



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