For those of you who don’t know, I was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. I can remember heading into downtown to go to a Jacksonville Suns baseball game with the smell of the Maxwell House Coffee Plant in the air. Also, I remember the bright lights and aroma of funnel cakes at the Jacksonville Agricultural Fair.

Photography has opened my eyes to many other views as well.

Treaty Oak

This huge oak tree is more than 250 years old and located in the heart of downtown on Prudential Drive within Jesse Ball DuPont Park. The branches give the tree the look of an octopus, its branches spreading out and touching the ground.

Jacksonville Beach

If there is a beach nearby a city you’re visiting in, always go and check it out! The shorelines are long leading to the waters edge and there is plenty of room to play. Also, the pier is always available if you like to fish and has been open as early as I’ve arrived to photograph the sunrise.

Downtown City Skyline

Although I’ve lived here virtually my whole life, I never noticed how colorful and exciting the city skyline could be until I discovered photography. During the blue hour when the sun has just set, the buildings and bridge illuminate the skyline and Saint John’s River reflections are magnificent. In addition, the fountain at Friendship Park only adds to the beauty by lighting the water spouts on the south bank.

And before your visit is complete in Jacksonville, you should head down south a bit to visit historic Saint AugustineĀ and take in all that north Florida has to offer.


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