About 2 years ago, I remember seeing my first bible journaling pin on Pinterest and I thought to myself, “We can color in our bibles?”  Immediately, I researched where to buy the bibles with a column for note taking and ran out to buy one at our local LifeWay store.  Illustrated Faith pens, Neocolor II wax pastels and a set of water brush pens from Amazon were also checked off my list to purchase.  I was all set and ready to go.  Then it all sat there.  For months.  Waiting for me to get started.  But why?

Brave Bible Journaling Illustrated Faith Deuteronomy Blog Article
Deuteronomy 31:6 Be Strong and Courageous

Don’t Be Afraid to Mess Up!

Fear of messing up my pretty new bible was the thing that kept me from getting started.  This is something I struggle with when it comes to crafting and scrapbooking.  The same thing happened when I tried to attempt my first bible journal entry.  A personal journal became my practice place and only after I was pleased with it there, would I transfer it to my bible.  That’s a lot of work!  My hairdresser (also a Stacy!) had started bible journaling as well and we were chatting about it while she made me look beautiful one day.  We talked about my struggles and her encouraging words were exactly what I needed to hear to get in gear.  She said, “We are far from perfect, so why should the entries we add to our bible be any different?”  She was so right.

Tin Roof Life Psalm Bible Journal Entry Soul Blog Article
Psalm 63:1 My Soul Thirsts for You

The Process

There is no right or wrong way to bible journal.  I tend to reach for my bible when I have something on my mind and feel the need for some quiet time with God.  Searching for something like “bible verses for strength” or “joyful bible verse” on Pinterest yields tons of inspiration and ideas.  People are so creative, y’all!  Once I find one that speaks to me, I read the verse and make it relatable to my situation.  After that, it’s a creative process that really comes from the heart.  My Mom likes to journal in a bible that already has pictures to color or she uses stickers to add words.  Riley, my teenage daughter, likes to draw a picture and paint with water colors.  She also writes a little note stating how the verse is speaks to her.  Hayden, my 6 year old, is fearless with his bible journaling and lessons – he loves it.  I like to trace a picture, use stamps, watercolors, stickers – you name it!

Jonah and the Whale Bible Journal Entry Childrens Bible Lesson Tin Roof Life Blog Article
Jonah 2: 1-3 Follow God’s Plan

Let’s Connect!

Am I the only one that struggled to get started like this?  Comment below and tell me about your bible journaling story.  I would love to follow your journey, so leave a link or username so we can connect!  Also, you can follow my Pinterest board for ideas on bible journal entries.  Check it out here!


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