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How This Tin Roof Life Thing Started…

Greetings! My name is Ken Brooks and I’m an engineer, husband, and father from Green Cove Springs, Florida. I’m lucky enough to be blessed with a family that shares my enthusiasm for seeing the world, amazing dining, and outdoor adventures. I would love to tell you a little about my Tin Roof Life.

My hope is to inspire you, captivate you, and bring you on our journeys through our photographs and prose.

My wife and I love to travel and photograph our adventures as we go. We are up for almost anything outdoors, from hiking to kayaking to camping, and we also share a passion for photography. What better way to spend our time than starting a travel blog to showcase these adventures?

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The Wife Got Me Hooked On Photography

I was lucky enough to marry a woman that owned a DSLR camera. Being the wonderful husband that I am, I decided to buy her a few accessories for that old Nikon D60. Of course, all of the fancy dials were Greek to me so I had to embark on a research expedition. During my research, I became mesmerized with how creative people could be with composition and how the settings could profoundly change the image when you get the camera off of “auto”. Before long, I was hooked. I ended up getting her a fish-eye lens and practiced shooting while she was at work. There are tons of great photography tutorials on the web and soon things were just clicking. Literally.

That camera opened up some doors for me though. We started shooting portrait sessions and made extra money on the weekends to pay for our trips and vacations. Through these sessions, our first creative adventure Tin Roof Photography was born. Things went well for a while but I soon began to burn out. Working on weekends to shoot weddings and portrait sessions took its toll and soon I didn’t want to touch the camera, even on our vacations.

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On With Our Travels!

We took a hiatus from photography for about a year but decided to get back to what we enjoy the most. Stacy is amazing at taking things I would call garbage and re-purposing it to be useful. We’ve been able to step away for a bit and make many changes to our life. I have settled into a new job, we’ve moved into a new home, and are getting back to doing what makes us happiest.

Our travel photos and experiences can tell many stories and preserve memories. Most of all, my hope is to inspire you, captivate you, and bring you to visited places through our photographs and prose.